Bladewrought Peaks

The Bladewrought Peaks; The Titanspikes at dawn.

The Bladewrought Peaks is the third and final zone of the Clans of Winter expansion. Here, players uncover the root cause of the dwarven conflict that spans the expansion, traversing the sharp, unnatural peaks among the mountains that give the area its name.

Level Range: 58-60

Capital: Dun Bjornis


Dun BjornisEdit

Jundir MinesEdit

Eye of the Heavens

The Eye of the Heavens, chained to the highest point of the Bladewrought Peaks.

Eye of the HeavensEdit

Dungeons and RaidsEdit

Dungeon: Frozen Cove (58-60)Edit


The Titan's Arch.

Dungeon: Titan's Arch (58-60)Edit


A statue of Osi'koan in the Depths of Jundir.

Raid: Shrine of Eons Past (60)Edit


Storyline: Bladewrought Peaks