The Clans of Winter expansion is the first expansion of the game, taking players north of Athar's Wall, into the dwarven realm beyond. The storyline centers around the growing conflict between the four dwarven clans, allowing players to advance to level 60.

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New ZonesEdit

The Clans of Winter expansion introduced three new zones to the game: the Khagan Tundra, the Morodan Mountains, and the Bladewrought Peaks. They cover the level ranges of 50-53, 54-57, and 58-60, respectively.

Khagan TundraEdit

The Tundra is home to many different groups of people, from elven refugees to wandering nomads, but mainly serves as the first step in the player's expedition north.

Morodan MountainsEdit

The Mountains are the home to most of the dwarven population, featuring several intricate dwarven cities. It is here, in the dwarven capital of Dun Morodar, that the leaders of the four clans split.

Bladewrought PeaksEdit

The Peaks are named for their unnatural spikes of stone scattered through the mountains. The spikes house precious metals and jewels, and so the majority of dwarven mines are in this region.

New Class ContentEdit


The Clans of Winter expansion adds the fifth class to the original four introduced in the original game (Warrior, Cleric, Mage, Rogue): the Shaman. A master of the primal arts of frost and storm, the Shaman utilizes potent winter magic as well as physical endurance to protect allies and destroy enemies. The Shaman's specializations are: the Warden, a stalwart defender who posesses the iron fortitude of the north, the Stormbringer, a deadly wielder of the magic of ice and thunder, and the Oracle, a healer blessed by the northern gods who uses the soothing power of water to support allies.

Level Cap and New AbilitiesEdit

The Clans of Winter expansion also increased the level cap by 10 levels, making it possible for players to reach level 60. Classes and specializations will each earn one additional ability between levels 51-60.