Osi'koan, He of Stone

Osi'koan, He Of Stone -- the final boss of the Heart of Stone.

The Heart of Stone is the third and final raid of the Clans of Winter expansion. It finishes the story of the warring dwarven clans, leading players deep into the bowels of Dun Morodar to defeat the ancient horror that caused the conflict in the first place. It contains three wings: the Sleeping Caverns, the Steel Gauntlet, and the Chambers of Antiquity.

Level Range: 60

Final Boss: Osi'koan, He Of Stone

The Sleeping CavernsEdit

The first wing of the Heart of Stone, the Sleeping Caverns are the series of dens and rocky chambers directly underneath Dun Morodar, home to subterranean beasts who have slept for millenia.


This slumbering earthen horror has awoken amid the chaos in the mountains, ready to devour anyone courageous or foolish enough to brave the darkness below Dun Morodar.

Muuri-Asi, the Pale EyeEdit

The deadly beholder Muuri-Asi was once the scourge of the north in a time long past, but has since then rested underneath the mountains, content to bide its time until the world was ripe for his taking again.


The demigod Ouren, son of Ourakn, was long ago charged with protecting the sentient beings of the deep from hunters. With the resurgence of Osi'koan's power, Ouren has become corrupted into a dark spirit, charged with undead power.

The Steel GauntletEdit

The first half of Osi'koan's underground palace, the Steel Gauntlet comprises of the outer regions, designed to guard the titan from intruders.

The Twilight GuardEdit

The protectors of Osi'koan's tomb, the immortal Twilight Guard had rested for ages, but now awake, they relentlessly watch over the entrance to the deepest halls of the earth, slaughtering any living being they find.

Emperor AtharEdit

The once noble and kind Emperor Athar who first built the wall to separate Nythwal from the dwarven realm has been raised as a murderous ghost by Osi'koan. No longer recognizing friend from foe, he engages anyone he sees with martial and magical techniques that have not dulled with age.

The ForgemasterEdit

The quartermaster and supplier of Osi'koan's army long before the First Age, the Forgemaster remains close to his master, crafting countless weapons and armor in preparation for the day his master will return to ultimate power.

The Chambers of AntiquityEdit

The second half of Osi'koan's underground palace, the Chambers of Antiquity are composed of the innermost areas, housing the titan himself as well as his closest followers.

The Ghost CouncilEdit

The five members of the Ghost Council each employ their own special combat tactics, combining to become a powerful force stronger than the sum of its parts. Not only are they Osi'koan's top councillors, the Ghost Council also serves as his personal bodyguards.


The Ghost Council Loot
Name Type Notes
Communal Chalice of the Council Healer Artifact Only Drops in Challenge and Epic Difficulty
Impervious Sigil of the Council Tank Artifact Only Drops in Challenge and Epic Difficulty
Greaves of the Final Glory Strength DPS Feet
Helm of Ancient Kings Tank Head
Leggings of Infinite Mystery Caster DPS Legs
Sash of Tethered Lives Healer Waist
Ghostblade Tunic Agility DPS Chest
Drape of Immortal Cunning Agility DPS Back

Mara, Stone ConsortEdit

Mara is the titan of secrets, consort to Osi'koan himself. She has forever been his closest companion, and accompanies him to the very end, willing to sacrifice herself defending against enemies for his preservation.


Mara, Stone Consort Loot
Name Type Notes
Mara's Journal of Lost Secrets Caster DPS Artifact Only Drops in Challenge and Epic Difficulty
Mara's Jewel of Hidden Advantage Agility DPS Artifact Only Drops in Challenge and Epic Difficulty
Mara's Charm of Titanic Force Strength DPS Artifact Only Drops in Challenge and Epic Difficulty
Mantle of Whispered Rumors Caster DPS Shoulder
Sacrificial Handwraps Healer Hands
Chestguard of Inevitable Doom Strength DPS Chest
Venomflare Leggings Agility DPS Legs
Runed Shoulderguards of Deflection Tank Shoulder
Cowl of the Omniscient Mind Caster DPS Head
Boots of Eternal Faith Healer Feet

Osi'koan, He of StoneEdit

One of the original Titan Pantheon, Osi'koan, Titan of Preservation and Eternity, and patron of Dwarves, has caused the conflict among the clans in hopes of starting anew, going against the mission he was meant to carry out. Little is known about him, but adventurers must face and defeat this final force in order to restore peace among the dwarves.


Osi'koan, He Of Stone Loot
Name Type Notes
Sarganor, the Eternity Spire Caster DPS Staff Only Drops in Challenge and Epic Difficulty
Turayla, Scepter of Preservation Healer Staff Only Drops in Challenge and Epic Difficulty
Xaria, Shard of Forgotten Ages Agility DPS Dagger Only Drops in Challenge and Epic Difficulty
Ephiroan, Fist of Osi'koan Strength DPS 2H Hammer Only Drops in Challenge and Epic Difficulty
Naegos, Indomitable Titanguard Tank Shield Only Drops in Challenge and Epic Difficulty
Dunatir, Longbow of Shattered Hopes Agility DPS Bow Only Drops in Challenge and Epic Difficulty
Chain of Fear Agility DPS Neck
Greathelm of Merciless Slaughter Strength DPS Head
Gloves of Broken Promises Caster DPS Hands
Unbreaking Greaves Tank Feet
Band of Swirling Mercury Healer Ring
Titanplate of Eons Past Tank Chest
Timeforged Waistguard Strength DPS Waist