Khagan Tundra

The Khagan Tundra; on the edge of Nenwa's Glades, near Snowstep

The Khagan Tundra is the first zone added in the Clans of Winter expansion. The Tundra is home to wandering nomads, dwarven settlements, and even elven refugees, separated from the south by the great Athar's Wall. Ingame, the Khagan Tundra serves as the first step in the expedition north, into the dwarven realm.

Level Range: 50-53

Capital: Whitewatch




Nenwa's Refuge

Nenwa's Refuge, home to elven refugees from the far west.

Nenwa's RefugeEdit

Dun KhagaEdit

Dungeons and RaidsEdit

Temple of Reflections

The marsh above the Temple of Reflections.

Dungeon: Temple of Reflections (50-53)Edit

Myarithi's Tomb

A hall in Myarithi's Tomb.

Dungeon: Myarithi's Tomb (51-54)Edit

Raid: Falls of Frothgir (60)Edit


Storyline: Khagan Tundra