Dun Morodan

The Morodan Mountains; entrance to the dwarven heart of Dun Morodar.

The Morodan Mountains is the second zone added in the Clans of Winter expansion. The Mountains feature the heart of dwarven culture, complete with winding mines, ancient treasure troves, and elaborate mountain palaces. However, infighting between the four dwarven clans has brought war and bloodshed into the mountains.

Level Range: 54-57

Capital: Dun Morodar


Dun MorodarEdit

Nenwa's HandEdit

Dun FrothgirEdit

Dun EndorEdit

Dungeons and RaidsEdit

Ashen Tower

The entrance to the haunted Ashen Tower.

Dungeon: Ashen Tower (54-56)Edit

Dungeon: The Sundered Spire (55-57)Edit

Raid: Heart of Stone (60)Edit

Deep within the bowels of Dun Morodar, the horror that caused the raging dwarven conflict is ready to emerge. Adventurers must journey into the pervasive darkness, ending the bloody war once and for all.


Storyline: Morodan Mountains