Nythwal is the name of the the Human empire at the western end of Atar. It is bordered by the Dwarven kingdom of Svalnir to the north, the Elderwold to the east, and the warring city-states of Dark Erixis to the south.

Regions and GeographyEdit

The Empire of Nythwal is separated into multiple regions: the Harvestbelt, the Westfold, the Market Coast, the Sundown Plains, and the Nythan Highlands.

The HarvestbeltEdit

Known as the breadbasket of Western Atar, the Harvestbelt supplies crops for the entire empire of Nythwal. Blessed with unusually long harvest seasons, the 'Belt is a veritable cornucopia during the summer and the fall.

Level Range: 1-10

Capital: Lorfield

Notable Cities: Waywatch, Ashford, Redhall, Surwich

Dungeons: Temples of Mons-Mirakas (10-13), The Deceiver's Glen (24-27)

Raids: None

The WestfoldEdit

The Westfold is Nythwal's cultural heart, densely populated and rich with history. Galleons from the coast often visit from Svalnir and the Forlorn Steppes, and the forests to the south and the west are filled with game -- and darker beings.

Level Range: 10-20

Capital: The Autumn Bazaar

Notable Cities: Westport, Nightperch, Ravensong

Dungeons: The Singing Halls (12-15), Lysana's Rest (15-18), The Underhold (19-21)

Raids: Isle of Sorrows

The Market CoastEdit

Riddled with shipping ports and trade cartels, the Market Coast is a haven for merchants and pirates alike. Ships from the Coast traverse the Sothlin Ocean, trading with places as far as Anaptar and the Cities of Alabaster.

Level Range: 20-30

Capital: Port of Arianna

Notable Cities: Gullfen, Oldtown, Tharmin

Dungeons: Depths of Baralis (22-25), The Silver Spire (27-30)

Raids: Baralis Hold

The Sundown PlainsEdit

The Sundown Plains are famous for their breathtaking sunsets, said to be the gifts of the ancient Nyth. More recently, though, the Plains have been the center of the conflict between Nythwal and the rebels of the north.

Level Range: 30-40

Capital: Fort Dawnstar

Notable Cities: Norwich Landing, Goldheart Landing, Fort Waywood, Sunglaze Retreat

Dungeons: Diresun Aftermath (30-33), Vulcanoth's Maw (32-35), Canyon of the Departed (36-38), The Searing Front (37-41)

Raids: The Molten Advance, Confrontation

The Nythan HighlandsEdit

Home to the capital of Nythwal, the Nythan Highlands house the nobles and the military power of the empire. It is here that the royal coup takes place, and that the fate of Nythwal is decided.

Capital: Riverfall

Notable Cities: Welwich Landing, Firesong Hold, Sunholme

Dungeons: The Drowned Tomb (40-42), Bastion of Glory (42-46), Caverns of Tomorrow (45-48), Siege of Riverfall (48-50)

Raids: The Bloody Courtyard, Hope's End, The Betrayer's Fall