The Shadow of Erixis expansion is the upcoming second expansion of the game. It focuses on the chaos that is tearing apart the kingdom of Erixis, a small continent connected to southern Nythwal by the Great Span. It will allow players to reach level 70, and will introduce a new class, the Druid.

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New ZonesEdit

The Shadow of Erixis will introduce four new zones to the game: the Fields of Feast, the Fields of Famine, the Forest of Hathas, and the Vale of the Eternal.

Fields of FeastEdit

The Fields of Feast are a bountiful land, covered with lush flora. The commonfolk never experience a lack of food or supplies, which causes them to be on good trading relations with the rest of the world, for the most part. This area will cover levels 60-63.

Fields of FamineEdit

The Fields of Famine are withered and diseased, the rivers tainted and the grass dry. Here, most people live in poverty and resort to dark magic to get by. This area is an alternative leveling zone to the Fields of Feast, and will cover levels 60-63.

Forest of HathasEdit

The Forest of Hathas is inhabited by multitudes of mystic creatures, as dangerous as they are captivating. However, as the fighting intensifies in the Fields of Feast and Famine, darkness has crept into the forest, corrupting the fauna and turning them against other sentient beings. This area will cover levels 64-66.

Vale of the EternalEdit

The Vale of the Eternal is a secret paradise to the west of Y'selor's Spine, populated by the spirits of those who acted most nobly in life. But as corruption and fear take control of Erixis, the holy shrines of the region have fallen into ruin, and the spirits turn on one another, spreading the chaos even further. This area will cover levels 67-70.

New Class ContentEdit


The Shadow of Erixis expansion will add the sixth class to the previous five (Warrior, Cleric, Mage, Rogue, Shaman): the Druid. Druids originate from those select individuals who have seen the wonders of the Vale of the Eternal, learning the secrets of nature. The Druid specializations will be: the Chloromancer, a master of the healing magic that resides in the flora of the world; the Ranger, an expert in survival, the art of the bow, and animal companions; and the Defiler, a dark wielder of plagues and diseases.

Level Cap and New AbilitiesEdit

The Shadow of Erixis expansion will also increase the level cap by 10 levels, making it possible for players to reach level 70. Classes and specializations will each earn one additional ability between levels 61-70.