Harvestbelt-Summer Meadow

The Harvestbelt; the Summer Meadows.

Known as the breadbasket of Western Atar, the Harvestbelt supplies crops for the entire empire of Nythwal. Blessed with unusually long harvest seasons, the 'Belt is a veritable cornucopia during the summer and the fall.

Level Range: 1-10

Capital: Lorfield



The capital of the Harvestbelt, home to the Council of Tillers.


The starting zone for players, just south of the Harvestwood.


The easternmost city in the Harvestbelt, known for cultivating the flora of the Harvestwood.


Home of the tombs of the ancient kings of Nythwal.



The town of Waywatch.

The river town on the border of the Harvestbelt and the Westfold.

Dungeons and RaidsEdit

Dungeon: Temples of Mons-Mirakas (10-13)Edit

Temples of Mons-Mirakas

A temple of Mons-Mirakas.

The temples of the harvest spirit, Mons-Mirakas, have been attacked by raiders wishing to steal the artifacts within. This will be the first dungeon most players enter.

Dungeon: The Deceiver's Glen (24-27)Edit

The dark druid Alan'is has turned upon his fellow conclave and has corrupted a section of the Harvestwood into a mockery of it's former state.


Storyline: The Harvestbelt