Port of Arianna

The Market Coast; Port of Arianna during a storm.

Riddled with shipping ports and trade cartels, the Market Coast is a haven for merchants and pirates alike. Ships from the Coast traverse the Sothlin Ocean, trading with places as far as Anaptar and the Cities of Alabaster.

Level Range: 20-30

Capital: Port of Arianna


Port of AriannaEdit



A canal in Gullfen.

Gullfen has a reputation for mischief and favoring tricks over trade, but is still one of the largest shipping ports in Nythwal.




Oldtown at sunrise.

The center of learning and the art of medicine for western Atar, Oldtown trains the finest healers in the realm.

Dungeons and RaidsEdit

Dungeon: Depths of Baralis (22-25)Edit

Dungeons: The Silver Spire (27-30)Edit

Raid: Baralis Hold (50)Edit

Baralis Hold under attack

Baralis Hold under attack.

An ancient, lonely stronghold situated atop a rocky island in the Baralis Sea, the Hold is under siege by invading merfolk and their aquatic minions.


Storyline: The Market Coast