Nythan Highlands

The Nythan Highlands; edge of Lake Lysana.

Home to the capital of Nythwal, the Nythan Highlands house the nobles and the military power of the empire. It is here that the royal coup takes place, and that the fate of Nythwal is decided.

Level Range: 40-50

Capital: Riverfall





The capital of the empire of Nythwal, wreathed in the golden glory of the sun and the Nyth.

Welwich LandingEdit


Firesong HoldEdit

Dungeons and RaidsEdit

Dungeon: The Drowned Tomb (40-42)Edit

Dungeon: Bastion of Glory (42-46)Edit

Dungeon: Caverns of Tomorrow (45-48)Edit

Caverns of Tomorrow

Looking out from the entrance to the Caverns of Tomorrow.

Legend tells of a series of caverns that bend time and space, granting visions of the future to those inside.

Dungeon: Siege of Riverfall (48-50)Edit

Raid: The Bloody Courtyard (50)Edit

Raid: Hope's End (50)Edit

Raid: The Betrayer's Fall (50)Edit


Storyline: The Nythan Highlands