Norwich Landing

The Sundown Plains; along the Sundown River, near Norwich Landing.

The Sundown Plains are famous for their breathtaking sunsets, said to be the gifts of the ancient Nyth. More recently, though, the Plains have been the center of the conflict between Nythwal and the rebels of the north.

Level Range: 30-40

Capital: Fort Dawnstar


Fort DawnstarEdit

Fort WaywoodEdit

Norwich LandingEdit

Sunglaze Retreat

Sunglaze Retreat at dusk.

Sunglaze RetreatEdit

A haven for northern refugees, fresh out of the chaos caused by the rebels.

Goldheart LandingEdit

Raids and DungeonsEdit

Ruins of Fort Diresun

Ruins of Fort Diresun.

Dungeon: Diresun Aftermath (30-33)Edit

After Fort Diresun fell to the northern rebels, vengeful spirits have begun crawling out of the ruins and threatening the nearby region. 

Dungeon: Vulcanoth's Maw (32-35)Edit

Dungeon: Canyon of the Departed (36-38)Edit

Entrance to Canyon of the Departed

Entrance to the Canyon of the Departed.

The fabled Canyon of the Departed is thought to contain the spirits of thousands of fallen warriors of the north, ready to rise up and fight should their children call upon them.

Dungeon: The Searing Front (37-41)Edit

Raid: The Molten Advance (50)Edit

Raid: Confrontation (50)Edit


Storyline: The Sundown Plains