Westfold; along the Whitetail River.

The Westfold is Nythwal's cultural heart, densely populated and rich with history. Galleons from the coast often visit from Svalnir and the Forlorn Steppes, and the forests to the south and the west are filled with game -- and darker beings.

Level Range: 10-20

Capital: The Autumn Bazaar


The Autumn Bazaar

The Autumn Bazaar

The Autumn BazaarEdit

The Autumn Bazaar flaunts the richest museums and historical monuments that Nythwal has to offer.



The inn at Nightperch.

A gloomy village on the edge of the Forest of Tears with a dark past.


The town of Ravensong is supposedly blessed by Queen Lysana of the ancient days, its inhabitants graced with a natural connection to the wild.


Filled to the brim with ships from the Far North, Westport is the greatest trade port in Nythwal outside of the Market Coast.

Dungeons and RaidsEdit

Dungeon: The Singing Halls (12-15)Edit

Lysana's Rest

The Singing Halls.

Dungeon: Lysana's Rest (15-18)Edit

Dark wraiths have swarmed the tomb of the legendary Queen Lysana. Their presence is draining the surrounding forests of life, and simultaneously resurrecting the queen as a powerful lich.

Dungeon: The Underhold (19-21)Edit

The Underhold

The entrance to the Underhold.

A massive black market has been discovered underneath the Autumn Bazaar. Not only are the goods there illicit, the leaders of the market are planning to overthrow the Westfold.

Raid: Isle of Sorrows (50)Edit


Storyline: The Westfold